Smart Calculator - All in One

    The BEST everyday use all in one lightweight calculator with powerful features & easy interface.

Better than built in calculator

Facilitates instant & accurate calculations with History.

Unit & Currency

Simple, smart & elegant tool with more than 200 unit converters. Available offline.

GST/VAT/Sales Tax

Include/Exclude GST from given amount with single click. Rates cutomizable as per state/country

Savings & Investment

Calculate FD, RD, SIP & Doubling Time.Check your investment opportunities through ROI(Return on Investment)


Calculate your EMI, Compare Loans, Check Loan Affordability. Check Loan amortization. Track your loans.

Eeasy Discounts & Tips

Calculate discounts quickly on original price. Calculate the tip amount & split the bill among people on the table.

Health Calculator

Calculate BMI, BMR, Daily wanter intake, Calory burn. Track your weight.

Date Time Calculations

Calculate Age, Date Difference, Working Days. Maintain Time Card for your work.

Equation Solver

Solve linear equation with one,two & three variables. Quadration equation.